Sample protocol for entering and exiting an isolation area

Entering and exiting isolation rooms*

  1. Before entering the isolation area, remove practice outerwear (e.g., laboratory coat) and any equipment (e.g., stethoscope, scissors, thermometer, watch, cell phone) and leave outside the isolation unit/anteroom.
  2. Gather any necessary supplies and medications before putting on PPE.
  3. Perform hand hygiene and then put on booties, gown, and gloves before entering the isolation room (click here to review proper procedure for donning PPE).
  4. Attend to the patient in isolation as needed. DO NOT bring treatment sheets, pens, or electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, or tablets into the isolation room.
  5. Clean and disinfect any equipment used while caring for the patient
  6. Before leaving the isolation room, remove PPE (click here to review proper procedure for doffing PPE); remove booties last as stepping out of the isolation room and avoid touching the outer surface of the boots). Clean and disinfect nondisposable PPE (e.g., eye protection). Place used disposable PPE in the trash container lined with a biohazard bag in the isolation room. DO NOT SAVE DISPOSABLE PPE FOR REUSE. Avoid contact with external portions of the door when exiting the isolation room.
  7.  Perform hand hygiene and then disinfect any surfaces (e.g., doorknobs) that may have accidentally been contaminated when the room was exited. Make any needed chart entries. Wash hands again before leaving the anteroom (as applicable).

PPE, personal protective equipment.

* or similarly dedicated area.

These guidelines are supported by a generous educational grant from Virox Animal Health™.