American Animal Hospital Association and Petabyte Technology unveil AAHA Benchmarking

AAHA Benchmarking: Veterinary Metrics That Make Sense

American Animal Hospital Association and Petabyte Technology unveil AAHA Benchmarking

Lakewood, Colo. (September 13, 2022) – American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and Petabyte Technology (Petabyte) launch their highly anticipated AAHA Benchmarking platform, setting new standards for benchmarking analytics and data in the veterinary profession. AAHA Benchmarking features standardized data, live metrics, and easy-to-interpret analytics to guide veterinary teams towards better business and medical decisions.

A collaboration that blends technology and industry insight

AAHA Benchmarking overcomes decades of archaic approaches that limited veterinary teams to outdated data, messy spreadsheets, and generalized analytics. AAHA Benchmarking provides practices a path to continuous improvement by using industry insights as a yardstick to understand practice performance.

“We knew we had to do something different. Something more contemporary. Something live,” says Garth Jordan, CEO of AAHA. “We needed to understand how to provide this data in a way where it made sense to the people who were participating. But also make it really accessible. Easy to get, easy to use, easy to apply.” 

Guided by AAHA’s passion for open standards and experience determining those standards for the veterinary profession, Petabyte developed AAHA Benchmarking by furthering their advanced algorithms that automatically standardize, aggregate, and classify all business and medical data for a wide range of PIMS, practices, and practice types.

Intelligent technology gives veterinary teams unprecedented access to previously invisible data (going well beyond simple revenue and appointment-count reports) that can be drilled for deeper insights, including client and patient demographics, appointment type, procedure pricing, and more. The result is live insights that can be interpreted and put into action then and there.

A support system for every kind of veterinary professional

Simple, useful, and pet-forward—AAHA Benchmarking fits into a veterinary practice’s ecosystem so every veterinary team, from the tech-savvy to the tech-challenged, can enhance the tools at their disposal.

Veterinary teams have full control over their analytics experience with the ability to focus on general comparisons— “We’re doing better than 30% of the industry!”—or to dig deeper— “Only 20% of sick patient visits return for a follow-up.”— to really identify problem areas. Performance scores, visual reports, and custom filters help practices turn insights into action.

Standout features

Standardized data

AAHA Benchmarking gets to the root of the matter—the data. Petabyte’s proprietary Matcher normalizes data from a wide range of practices using a variety of PIMS.

PIMS data is cleaned and standardized to match a catalog system used for every practice across the industry. Simple changes, like knowing ‘Datsun’ means ‘Dachshund’, or slightly more complex changes like interpreting patient visits and OTC transactions separately, help establish a single source of truth across the industry and, subsequently, produce cleaner analytics.

Live metrics

AAHA Benchmarking replaces printed documents and messy spreadsheets with live metrics that are refreshed daily so practices can make decisions that are current and effective for their team and their patients.

The SPOT Score

Get a snapshot of the industry’s performance and learn how to assess a practice’s health by comparing its score to the overall industry average.

The SPOT Score is based on the sum of four weighted categories that directly impact overall performance as well as each other. These categories, known as SPOTlights, are divided into Sales revenue, Producer performance, Opportunities, and Trends in medicine.

Reports & custom filters

Each SPOTlight dashboard has in-depth reports and a variety of filters to help customize and understand the what, why, and how around a practice’s performance, particularly how different aspects affect each other.

If the Trends in medicine reports show the practice is doing well at capturing and recapturing more patients for sick pet visits but Sales revenue shows a large ACT fluctuation, practices can dive deeper into AAHA Benchmarking’s exclusive Price study dashboard to determine if their prices are consistent with the industry and adjust accordingly.

Price study dashboard

Practices can evaluate market elasticity by comparing their own prices to industry averages. Rather than just seeing vaccination revenue, they can search for specific procedures, like Feline Leukemia Vaccination, to see what the rest of the industry is charging for that item. 

Making data better together

Teamwork done securely

Any data that passes through AAHA Benchmarking is anonymized, processed with algorithms to prevent reversibility, encrypted at every step of its journey, and stored with high levels of security and encryption.

Petabyte built AAHA Benchmarking to protect veterinary practices while giving them the information they need to run better. AAHA’s leadership provides third-party neutral assurance to participating practices that their data is safe, secure, and, ultimately, owned at the practice level. So, veterinary practices can feel confident sharing their progress with peers.

Tap into the veterinary community

“Inconsistency in data reporting has made the veterinary industry disjointed. And without an established set of open standards, benchmarking data is relatively useless,” says Kim Fish, VP of Veterinary Strategy at Petabyte. “AAHA Benchmarking compares every practice to the same standardized catalog so that veterinary teams can actually leverage the power of community data to better their own practice.”

When a veterinary practice connects their PIMS to AAHA Benchmarking, they get to a support system designed to help them achieve their goals. Along with a community of like-minded peers, practices can engage with effective analytics and solutions. Since AAHA Benchmarking makes accessing, interpreting, and acting upon veterinary data so effortless, veterinary teams can finally put practicing medicine first without compromising business operations.

Level Up Your Benchmarking

  • AAHA Benchmarking Lite: View industry benchmarks, industry SPOT Score, and all 16 industry-leading reports
  • AAHA Benchmarking+: Connect your PIMS to access your own SPOT Score and to compare your practice metrics to industry data
  • AAHA Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics: Take your insights further with 20+ additional reports. Includes AAHA Benchmarking’s Price study Dashboard

AAHA Benchmarking is available to the entire veterinary community now. Demonstrations may be scheduled with this link. 


About AAHA

Since 1933, the American Animal Hospital Association has been the only organization to accredit veterinary hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada based on standards directly correlated to high-quality medicine and compassionate care. Accreditation in veterinary medicine is voluntary. The AAHA-accredited logo is the best way to know if a practice has been evaluated by a third party. For more information:

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