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Anesthesia Discharge Template
Streamline the end of your busy day and improve patient care by using AAHA’s timesaving, customizable, printable discharge instructions.

Step-by-Step Anesthetic Safety
This free web conference will guide you through the continuum of anesthesia and monitoring by reinforcing the concept that “anesthesia starts and ends at home” and is not just the time that patient is unconscious. A special focus on and templates for staff training will be included.

The Anesthesia Continuum – From doorknob to doorknob
This printable infographic illustrates the three phases of anesthesia with key steps for communicating with clients.

Pre-anesthesia Client Questionnaire
Use these questions with pet owners the day of a procedure to ensure their pet is ready for anesthesia.

Anesthesia Training Protocols
Ensure your team has received proper training on all aspects of the anesthesia continuum with this helpful training timeline.

Fasting and Treatment Recommendations for Dogs and Cats Prior to Anesthesia
Knowing what a patient should receive by mouth prior to anesthesia can be confusing, even if they are healthy. It becomes more complicated when there are pre-existing conditions that require treatment. Use this table to support your recommendations.

Anxiolytic, Sedation, and Premedication Drug Combinations
Use this chart to consider which drug class combinations may benefit your individual patients based on their health, demeanor, and reason they require medication to “calm their nerves.”

What to Consider When Choosing an Opioid for Use in a Canine or Feline Patient
There are many factors to consider when choosing an opioid for your patient – degree of desired analgesia, onset and duration of action, adverse effects, and availability. This table may help you do what you do best – comforting your patients in their time of need.

Intravenous Induction Protocols for Dogs and Cats
Choosing an ideal IV induction protocol for your patients is one of the many decisions required for a smooth anesthetic event. Review these combinations and consider which might be the most beneficial for each of your patients.

Intramuscular Induction Protocols for Healthy Dogs and Cats
Sometimes, IM induction protocols are necessary in healthy patients. Making that choice and choosing a protocol is one of the many decisions required for a smooth anesthetic event. Review these combinations and consider which might be the most beneficial for each of your patients.

Anesthesia and Sedation Record
This updated, two-in-one form facilitates thorough assessments before—and close monitoring after—any anesthetic or sedation event. When completed, it creates a first-rate medical record, too. Designed by a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist.

Minor Surgical/Anesthetic Procedure Sticker
Save time by quickly and easily summarizing minor surgical or anesthetic procedures on these notetaking stickers. Available in packs of 50 and rolls of 500.

Pet Health Brochures
Share up-to-date info on pet health and encourage compliance with appealing, easy-to-digest client education brochures updated to reflect AAHA guidelines.

For Pet Owners

What Can I Expect When my Pet Needs Anesthesia?

Additional Industry Resources

Rethinking Perioperative Vomiting in Dogs

These guidelines are supported by generous educational grants from IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Midmark, and Zoetis Petcare.

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