AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Certificate

The AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Certificate is an online course designed for veterinary professionals and their teams. The course teaches evidence-based strategies for preventing and managing pain in pets, allowing for personalized care and improved animal welfare.

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Conquer Pain, Comfort Pets: Pain Management Guidelines Certificate

Imagine a veterinary practice where pain doesn’t stand a chance. With the AAHA Pain Management Guidelines Certificate Course, you and your team can make this a reality. Improve pet care with evidence-based, multimodal pain management strategies and gain the confidence to provide personalized, compassionate care to every pet in pain.

Participants gain valuable knowledge and skills to excel in pain management, boosting team confidence and strengthening client trust. Earning the AAHA Pain Management Champion badge demonstrates a commitment to pain-free veterinary care.

Here’s what to expect: 

  • Prevent & Proactively Manage Pain: Learn to anticipate and prevent pain before it starts, improving patient outcomes and animal welfare. 
  • Personalized Care for Every Patient: Escape one-size-fits-all approaches and tailor pain management plans to each animal’s unique Digital badge awarded upon completion of the AAHA Pain Management Certificate Course needs. 
  • Boost Team Skills & Confidence: Equip your entire team with the knowledge and tools to excel in pain management. Strengthen patient advocacy and build trust with pet owners. 
  • Stand Out in the Field: Earn the prestigious AAHA Pain Management Champion badge and demonstrate your commitment to pain-free veterinary care. 

Course features: 

  • Comprehensive curriculum: Cover critical AAHA Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats concepts, including assessment, multimodal therapy, and communication with pet owners. 
  • Interactive learning: Engage with quizzes, downloadable resources, and a buildable team action guide for real-world implementation. 
  • Flexible & Accessible: Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access to the course materials. 

Regular price: $199 

AAHA member discount: $99 

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This program has been RACE-approved for 4 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval. 



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