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A Financial Safety Net Option for Your Furry Friend

Pet insurance helps ensure that you are able to say “Yes” to veterinary care without the stress and anxiety that can come with vet bills

Below are a few resources that will help you understand how pet insurance works, including some from Pawlicy Advisor – an independent marketplace, comparison tool, and Preferred Business Provider of the American Animal Hosptial Association (AAHA). Pawlicy Advisor offers personalized recommendations and the ability to compare quotes from top companies all in one place.

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Why is it important to compare pet insurance options?

There is no one-size-fits-all pet insurance, and it’s difficult to truly understand the differences between plans or the fine print that is used to determine what is covered. Costs can vary drastically based on breed, location, and the customizations available to you.

For example, the breed-specific coverage needs and insurance pricing options for a French Bulldog in New York City with be very different from a Golden Retriever in Washington.

It’s important to compare top companies and find the right plan to fit your pet’s unique health risks, age, location, and your budget.

Researching different pet insurance plans can help you find a solution with sufficient coverage that suits your budget. Pawlicy Advisor is AAHA’s Member Preferred Business Provider for pet insurance, and can help pet owners make an informed decision when comparing top companies and provide personalized recommendations unique to you and your four-legged family member. Learn more here.

Need a Veterinary Hospital? Find one with the AAHA Hospital Locator

By choosing an AAHA-accredited practice, you can be confident that your pet receives exceptional care across all aspects of veterinary medicine. Ensure your pets’ well-being and choose an AAHA-accredited practice. Find your nearest AAHA-accredited practice with the hospital locator.

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