What It Takes to Become a CrVT

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Figure 7.2

What does it take to become a credentialed veterinary technician (CrVT)? A CrVT is a professional who studied hard, completed a 2- to 4-year AVMA-accredited program in Veterinary Technology, and successfully passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE).

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Finish High School

Top grades in math and the sciences (chemistry, biology, physics) and an overall high GPA.

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Apply to College

Either a 2-year associate of science (AS) or 4-year bachelor of science (BS) program in Veterinary Technology. Check with the state board to determine which programs qualify.

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Get On-the-Job Experience

Prior to acceptance, or during enrollment, it is HIGHLY encouraged to get on-the-job experience as a kennel worker or veterinary assistant in a clinical setting.

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Study Hard

Not only in order to graduate, but also for the Veterinary Technician National [licensing] Exam—the VTNE. A score of 75% or better is required to pass.

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The State of Things

There are 5 different credentials for a CrVT to obtain, and they differ by state. An individual may hold multiple credentials–meaning they are licensed to practice in multiple states.

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The State of Things

CVT = Certified Veterinary Technician
LVT = Licensed Veterinary Technician
LVMT – Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician
RVT = Registered Veterinary Technician
RVTg = Registered Veterinary Technologist

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Every CrVT is required—by law—to adhere to their state or province’s practice acts. As a licensed medical professional, dues are paid and fees assessed in order to maintain appropriate licensure.

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Never Stop Learning

Along with state and national licensing fees, continuing education is also required. Anywhere from 16 to 32 continuing education credits every 2 years are mandated for a CrVT to continue practicing. This accompanies constant growth and development while working in practice as well.

The 2023 AAHA Technician Utilization Guidelines are generously supported by CareCredit, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and IDEXX.

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