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Tables, charts, and other resources to help you implement the recommendations in the 2022 AAHA Pain Management Guidelines.

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Pet Owner: How to Be Your Pet’s Pain Advocate

Learn the signs of pain and ways to pain proof your home

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Both acute and chronic pain show up differently in pets than they do in people, and even the most loving pet owner can miss subtle signs of pain. The veterinarians on your team aren’t the only ones who can help: every member of the veterinary team can help pain be detected earlier and managed better. Asking the right questions makes a big difference—and so does the approach we take in the exam room.

Take our quiz with your teammates to see how your pain perception measures up.

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Resources from Zoetis

Feline and canine acute pain scales from Colorado State University

Resources from Elanco

Including COAST (Canine OsteoArthritis Staging Tool) and the University of Liverpool’s LOAD questionnaire for canine patients

Other Resources

Feline Grimace Scale assessment tool and app for acute pain in cats

Flow Diagram for Acute and Chronic Pain Assessment in Cats (Figure 1)

Flow Diagram for Acute and Chronic Pain Assessment in Dogs (Figure 2)

Decision Tree for Prioritizing Pain Management Therapies (Figure 3)

More resources to come …

* These guidelines are supported by generous educational grants from Arthrex Vet Systems, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., Elanco, and Zoetis.

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