Table 3: Oral Antihistamine Doses for Dogs

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Drug Name Dose
Hydroxyzine 2 mg/kg q 12 hr1
Cetirizine 1–2 mg/kg q 24 hr1
Chlorpheniramine 0.4 mg/kg q 12 hr2
Cyproheptadine 0.3–2 mg/kg q 12 hr2
Clemastine 0.05–1 mg/kg q 12 hr2
Loratadine 1 mg/kg q 12 hr2
Fexofenadine 5–15 mg/kg q 24 hr3
Amitriptyline 1–2 mg/kg q 12 hr2
Diphenhydramine 2–3 mg/kg q 12 hr2

Questionable efficacy if given orally4

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The 2023 AAHA Management of Allergic Skin Diseases in Dogs and Cats Guidelines are generously supported by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Merck Animal Health, and Zoetis.

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