What are AAHA Guidelines?

Developed by experts in the profession, the AAHA guidelines help veterinary professionals face the demands of a continually shifting industry. Our guidelines empower veterinarians to:

  • Create personalized medical plans for their patients to meet the needs of diverse populations and provide the best possible care 
  • Optimize veterinary teams to deliver top-notch patient care and client satisfaction

The guidelines offer resources for client communication, technician utilization, and easy-to-use algorithms and calculators to assist in clinical diagnosis and treatment of common and less common conditions in dogs and cats.

Check out our newest guidelines below, and take a look at all of the guidelines for expert guidance, practice tips, and resources to support your veterinary practice. 

Simplify your path to excellence with the AAHA Guidelines!

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2023 AAHA Selected Endocrinopathies of Dogs and Cats Guidelines

Endocrine diseases are some of the most common chronic diseases seen in veterinary practice. However, diagnosing and treating these conditions can be challenging and overwhelming. These guidelines offer practical, detailed plans to help veterinary teams navigate these complex diseases.

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2023 AAHA Senior Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

Senior pets represent a large number of animals seen in veterinary practice, and these treasured elder pets often require specialized care and monitoring to ensure their senior years are comfortable and enjoyable. Differences in species, breed, size, and lifespan mean that senior plans cannot be one-size-fits-all.

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2022 AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines

These Guidelines empower veterinarians to make the best possible personalized recommendations for their patients by determining which vaccines are essential for each individual dog.

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2022 AAFP/AAHA Antimicrobial Stewardship Guidelines

Veterinary teams play an important role in minimizing antimicrobial resistance. If we do not actively participate in antimicrobial stewardship, we could lose access to life-saving medications. Educating clients on judicious use of antimicrobials and safeguarding antibiotics is key to preserving public health.

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All AAHA Guidelines are AAHA copyrighted and are the sole opinion of AAHA and its respective Guidelines’ taskforces.