About AAHA Membership

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) simplifies the journey towards excellence for veterinary practices. More than 4,500 practices representing about 45,000 dedicated veterinary team members across the U.S. and Canada rely on AAHA for the resources, tools, connections, and knowledge they need to excel. The valuable benefits members receive help them deliver the top-quality patient care and practice management that pets deserve.

Member resources are grounded in AAHA standards and AAHA guidelines. Developed by industry experts and covering areas ranging from pain management, anesthesia, and patient care to team training, telehealth, and medical recordkeeping, this is a membership resource you can truly count on.

If your vet is an AAHA-accredited member, you’ll probably see signs, flags, plaques, and brochures with the red-and-white AAHA logo. You may see the AAHA accredited member logo on the practice's website or on their social media pages. Our members are proud to have earned the distinction. 


Three types of membership

There are three categories of membership:

  1. individual,
  2. organization, and
  3. corporate.

To become an organizational member, you must achieve AAHA accreditation. An AAHA accreditation is a strong indication that a veterinary practice delivers high-quality medicine — which positively impacts not only your clients, patients, and team, but raises the bar for the veterinary profession.

Individuals may also join AAHA; typically, these are veterinary professionals at a practice not yet ready to become accredited, not currently with a practice, or a student. There are many benefits for individual members. 

Lastly, we welcome corporate members as industry partners. Leading companies of all sizes choose to join AAHA to connect with veterinary practice teams.

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Organizational: Traditional accreditation

Full-service veterinary care facilities are evaluated on standards covering all aspects of veterinary medicine. A board-certified medical director is not required.

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Organizational: Group accreditation (Amplify)

Practices eligible for traditional accreditation may join a cohort of peers to complete the accreditation curriculum together.

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Organizational: Referral accreditation

Individual accreditation for AVMA-recognized specialties; only evaluated on applicable standards. Medical director(s) must be board-certified in each specialty.

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Organizational: End-of-Life Care accreditation

Available to AAHA-accredited practices with a department dedicated to end-of-life care, or any practice solely dedicated to providing end-of-life care.

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Individual membership

Any veterinary team member, veterinary professionals not with a practice, mobile veterinarians, and students may join as individuals.

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Industry Partners

Companies may join AAHA as sponsors, advertisers, and providers of business services.

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Supplemental accreditations available for general, emergency, and referral practices: internship and mentorship