Membership Types: Individual

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) simplifies your journey towards veterinary excellence. Though most veterinary practices join as accredited organizations,

  • veterinarians,
  • relief veterinarians,
  • mobile veterinarians,
  • practice managers,
  • practice owners,
  • veterinary technicians,
  • students, and
  • retirees

can opt to join AAHA as an individual. Many who do later undertake the journey to accredit their practices.

The benefits of individual membership can help you:

  • Solve vexing practice management issues and keep your clinical knowledge current with AAHA's leading publications
  • Ensure you’re using best practices in both clinical and hospital management operations through our proven guidelines
  • Maintain your credentials and licensure with online continuing education
  • Save money through vetted vendors on the products and services you need with members-only savings programs
  • Enjoy the built-in support system of your AAHA team and over 50,000 like-minded individuals who are there when you need them in the online AAHA Community.


Students in veterinary technician programs and veterinary programs are eligible for a complimentary membership while you’re taking classes.

Join AAHA today as an individual member.