Traditional accreditation

AAHA-accredited practices are at the heart of better care for pets and their people. They hold themselves to a higher standard. Pets are their passion and keeping them healthy is their number-one priority. They strive to deliver excellent care for pets—because pets deserve nothing less. Pet owners looking for accredited practices will be looking for your AAHA-accredited signs, flags, plaques, and brochures with the red-and-white AAHA accredited logo, or the digital accreditation badge on your practice website.

Most general and emergency practices serving small animals join AAHA as an accredited practice, though those not ready for accreditation join as individual members.

General practices don’t need to have a board-certified specialist on staff to join. Specialty, or referral, practices also join AAHA as organizational members, but must have a board-certified specialist on staff in each accredited specialty. The specialist only need work for your practice 75% of the time. If an emergency care practice doesn’t have a criticalist, that practice can pursue traditional accreditation rather than specialty/referral.

More than 4,500 practices representing 50,000 veterinary team members across the U.S. and Canada have made the decision not just to join AAHA, but to become AAHA-accredited members. AAHA members encompass both independent practices as well as corporate-owned practices.

When you join as an AAHA-accredited member, your practice receives both member benefits as well as the benefits of accreditation.

Membership in the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) simplifies your journey towards veterinary excellence.

Member Benefits

Member benefits include discounts on publications and education programs, a group purchasing program, participation in VMG groups and with the Human-Animal Bond Association, free subscriptions to RACE-approved online learning and publications including Trends® magazine and JAAHA®, the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association. See the full array of valuable benefits available to AAHA members.

Benefits of Accreditation

The benefits of accreditation help practices be competitive, both in attracting and retaining clients as well as engaging your veterinary team. Learn more about the benefits of accreditation. If a practice is following AAHA standards, it can focus on providing the best patient care.

Dues and Fees

New general practices pay a one-time initial evaluation fee of $675 and have up to six months to complete the accreditation process, though member benefits are immediately available. Upon completion, practices pay pro-rated dues for that year. Reaccreditation fees are included in your annual dues assessment. View the dues schedule.

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