Add-On Accreditations: Internships

Membership in the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) simplifies your journey towards veterinary excellence. More than 4,500 practices representing 50,000 veterinary team members across the U.S. and Canada have made the decision not just to join AAHA, but to become AAHA-accredited members. AAHA-accredited practices follow a higher standard of excellence than non-accredited veterinary practices.

AAHA recognizes that internships help develop veterinarians' skills and help them become more productive team members. AAHA supports continuous improvement in all forms, and understands the value of internship programs that help veterinarians succeed professionally.

Veterinary Internship Programs

An internship is a postgraduate, clinical training position, usually for one year, in which veterinarians gain practical experience by rotating through various departments in the hospital or focusing on a specific discipline.

Internship programs should be designed to build confidence and communication skills and prepare veterinarians for high-quality service in practice or advanced specialty training.

The main purpose of the internship program should be to provide a sound educational program for the intern. The key to a successful internship is establishing a clear, mutual understanding of what is being provided and what is expected in return.

Which Practices are Eligible?

AAHA-accredited practices that have at least one board-certified veterinarian on staff who supervises the practice's intern(s) are eligible. Beyond that, any AAHA-accredited practice may choose the internship standards as an optional, no-cost addition to their accreditation evaluation. Additionally, the practice must conduct and document performance evaluation and provide semi-annual feedback to and from the Intern. 

Practices can strive for an internship accreditation and/or mentorship accreditation when they first begin the accreditation journey or after they have become accredited.

Internship Standards

If you’re interested in building an internship program for your practice, the internship standards provide a guide. Or, you can use them to enhance your current program. To view the full set of AAHA standards related to accrediting your internship program, log in or reach out to your Accreditation Specialist. 

Get Started Today

If you’re already an AAHA-accredited practice, add the internship accreditation at no additional charge today by contacting our Accreditation Team at 800-252-2242 or [email protected]. If you are just starting the accreditation journey, select this accreditation to your new member application or ask your Accreditation Team member.