AAHA Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Guidelines Certificate

Unlock better anesthetic outcomes

Boost the quality of anesthetic care and gain the knowledge you need to build trust with pet owners.

AAHA Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Guidelines Certificate is designed to help veterinary teams stay up to date with best practices and develop comprehensive approaches to anesthetic care. Through competency-based learning objectives based on our trusted, peer-reviewed 2020 AAHA Anesthesia and Monitoring Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, you can improve your skillset and communication techniques for better anesthetic outcomes and client compliance.

  • Trustworthy content: valuable guidance based on AAHA’s expert-developed, non-biased, and trustworthy guidelines.
  • Ensure quality care: lead your team in delivering quality care and ensuring a safe, smooth anesthetic process every time.
  • Be a champion: sharpen your skills and develop team-based approaches through competency-based learning and real-life scenarios.

Stay ready with refined client communication and highly trained staff.

No area in the practice depends more on education than anesthesia. Teams must understand how crucial their role is in helping ensure patients’ comfort and safety.

Proactive patient care starts at the patient’s home before the appointment and continues after a patient returns home. So, every member of the team has a responsibility to engage in informed conversations with clients about expectations, potential risks, and the team's dedication to reducing these risks. This keeps the anesthetic experience as safe and stress-free as possible for your patients, clients, and team.

Reaching new heights — together.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to commit to strengthening the bridge between pet owner and anesthetic team by empowering team members through education and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.

Invest in yourself and your team – become an anesthesia champion and feel your confidence soar as you help ensure safer, smoother anesthetic procedures.

Ready to up your anesthesia game? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Solid grasp of critical guidelines concepts.
  • Reinforced understanding with regular knowledge assessments.
  • Downloadable resources to help implement what you’ve learned.
  • Strengthened team approach with the action guide built by you.
  • Interactive experience for any skill level.
  • Flexible format that accommodates your busy schedule.

Experience the new learning platform – designed with you in mind.

The AAHA learning platform just got a head-to-toe makeover. Based on feedback from members, we have upgraded to a more user-friendly interface while focusing on your needs, standards education, and professional development. Most courses are free to members, but the premium courses, like the AAHA Guidelines Certificates, will be available at a discounted rate for members.

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What you get

RACE CE: 4 hours of RACE-approved CE
Badge: Stand out in the field by being able to display your hard-earned Anesthesia Champion badge, issued by AAHA through Credly.

Learning Information

Price: $199 ($99 for AAHA members)
Appropriate for: The entire patient care team, including doctors, credentialed technicians, and assistants.

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AAHA Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Badge

With each certificate completed, you’ll receive a digital badge touting your accomplishment and giving pet owners even more assurance of your skills.