We’re all in the same profession. We all face the same issues. We all ponder unique solutions.
It’s time we all get into the same space and share them.

When the same mega issue faces the same group of people—whether they collectively communicate it or not—the wheels start turning. Late at night. Early in the morning. Between appointments. That issue permeates thoughts—and ideas and action plans percolate.

What if there was a way to coalesce everyone’s disparate plans in one place with the overarching goal being systemic change?

That’s the genesis of Veterinary Visionaries™—a future-focused collaboration hosted by nearly 50 organizations that have banded together for online, crowd-sourced problem-solving. And that crowd includes you.

Announcing the Inaugural Spring Solving Event: May 1 - May 27, 2022

We’re hitting the pavement fast and hard with a very serious issue that, unfortunately, is raging among veterinary teams—mental health and psychological wellbeing. Let’s call it out: Mental health issues among veterinary professionals are substantially higher than that of the general public. Why? What’s the root issue? How can we create healthy environments to deescalate situations? Where does it start?

It starts with you

That's right. You just may have the idea. One that has far-reaching impact. One that can change our world.

Here's the BIG question:

How might we build systemic solutions and support for veterinary teams to continuously improve mental wellbeing, especially related to moral distress, ethical trauma, and compassion resilience?

Your big idea just might land you a pile of cash

Share Your Idea

Let’s co-create our better future

Veterinary Visionaries has partnered with an innovative platform that links people and ideas, and created a space where all are invited to share their systemic solutions. What do we mean by systemic solutions? Something bigger than the individual, bigger than the practice, big enough to conquer root causes.

View ideas or submit your own

If you’d like to submit your own, simply register on the platform. Rest assured that your personal information will solely be used for Veterinary Visionaries’ solving events.

Not only can you post your solution, but you can also comment on those submitted, link up with others to enhance their ideas, as well as acknowledge other great solutions, too. When the event closes on May 27th, an expert panel of mental health and veterinary professionals will carefully assess each and every idea ranking them on set criteria including viability, activation time, required funding, and more.

Your big idea just might land you a pile of cash

The winning idea innovator will receive $2,000. The innovators of the next three ideas will each receive $1,000. All will be featured in Trends and on social media. And everyone who participates will receive a final document with all submissions. Winners will be announced July 2022.

Got your BIG idea? Be sure to submit it before the Spring Solving Event is over May 27th.

Be a Pioneer Problem Solver and, together, we can change our world!

Veterinary Visionaries™  is generously supported by CareCredit, IDEXX, and Boehringer Ingelheim.