AAHA Research Center

Welcome to the AAHA Research Center!

Welcome to the AAHA Research Center! AAHA established a research team in 2020 to engage in an active relationship with our members, partners, and the profession in order to better understand:  

  • Their needs  
  • The current and future trajectory of the profession
  • How AAHA can respond in valuable ways

The AAHA Research Center serves as a gathering place for high-quality, trusted data. Monthly and quarterly updates will be your resource to track trends, identify challenges, and learn valuable, timely insights.

The veterinary profession is experiencing an increased need for emotional well-being . . . and a little encouragement! See what your colleagues are saying about this.

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AAHA Omnibus Survey

AAHA’s monthly online survey measures AAHA membership needs and trends over time to help AAHA better serve our members. 

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AAHA Veterinary Outlook Survey

This quarterly online survey asks practice teams what’s ahead for our profession, and keeps a pulse on the industry.

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AAHA Research Findings

Browse data points collected from AAHA's research projects. 

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AAHA research reports

Browse our research recap reports and executive summaries.

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