AAHA's purpose and core values

In recent months, the AAHA team has evaluated every program, product, and service we provide in search of ways to better serve our members. We examined AAHA’s original mission and vision, which still ring true, but left us wanting something more actionable.

So, through the process of design thinking, we refined our purpose down to a concise nine-word statement:

to simplify the journey towards excellence for veterinary practices

This beautifully defines why we work on your behalf, and it's a filter to run ideas through when deciding how to spend our resources in time, money, and people power.

Our core values

We then expanded that purpose statement to identify AAHA’s core values, which we embed in everything we do:


How we're putting our purpose into action through our values

Aiming to simplify, we’re upgrading our core business infrastructure over the next two to three years. Our board has given us the go-ahead to build the physical and technological foundation we need to be viable and sustainable so we can deliver on our promise to you.

Guided by the value of integrity, we believe every team member deserves the chance to showcase their expertise, so we’re designing and developing online, competency-based certificates for individuals.

To foster collaboration, we've launched AAHA Community, with advanced threads, document sharing, and more ways to connect in a professional network with other AAHA members.

More to come

These are just a few examples of how we’re putting our purpose into action through the values we embody. Stay tuned for offerings like new AAHA guidelines around allergic disease and antimicrobials, a new KPI program to help you develop revenue and medical insights, a reimagined annual conference, Connexity, and more in the coming year!