Champions of the veterinary profession

AAHA’s international recognition as a leader in the industry is a tribute to the vision and dedication of the many veterinary professionals who have devoted time and energy to serve AAHA through the years.

Ready to give back to the industry in a leadership role for one of the most respected Associations in the profession? Shape the future of veterinary medicine and help us continue to strive for excellence when you become part of task force teams, development committees, advisory groups, and the AAHA Board of Directors.

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Board of Directors

Meet the current members of the AAHA Board of Directors, including their contact information and leadership roles in the association.

AAHA Board of Directors Slate of Nominations

Guylaine Charette, DMV

Pembroke Animal Hospital

905 Pembroke Street East
Pembroke, Ontario K8A 3M3
Phone: 613-732-3641
Fax: 613-732-1235

Leadership roles

AAHA Board of Directors: president
Practice Accreditation Committee: board liaison


Pamela Nichols, DVM

Animal Care Center

698 West 500 South
West Bountiful, Utah 84087
Phone: 801-294-5960
Fax: 801-294-5965

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: president-elect
Membership Audit and Control Committee: board liaison


Adam Hechko, DVM

North Royalton Animal Hospital

9027 Ridge Road
North Royalton, Ohio 44133-1870
Phone: 440-237-7691
Fax: 440-237-8257

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: vice president
AAHA Foundation Board of Trustees: chair
Animal Ethics and Welfare Committee: board liaison



Dermot Jevens, DVM, MVB, DACVS

Upstate Vet

393 Woods Lake Road
Greenville, South Carolina 29607-2775
Phone: 864-233-7650
Fax: 864-233-7631

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: secretary/treasurer

Darren Taul, DVM

Animal Hospital of Lancaster

1572 Lexington Road
Lancaster, Kentucky 40444-9005
Phone: 859-792-2105
Fax: 859-792-9767

Leadership roles

AAHA Board of Directors: immediate-past president





Cheryl Smith, CVPM

Galway Veterinary Hospital

5072 Sacandaga Road
Galway, NY 12074
Phone: 518-882-1850

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: director


Mark Thompson, DVM, CCRP

Country Hills Pet Hospital

N4415A Highway 45
Eden, WI 53019
Phone: 920-477-3003
Fax: 920-477-4001

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: director


Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM

Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center PC

2255 Oneida Street
Denver, Colorado 80207
Phone: 303-388-2255

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: director
AAHA Foundation Board of Trustees
Online Accreditation Engagement Committee: board liaison

Michael T. Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP

American Animal Hospital Association

12575 West Bayaud Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado 80228-2021
Phone: 303-986-2800
Fax: 303-986-1700

Leadership Roles

AAHA Board of Directors: chief executive officer
Executive: AAHA staff

AAHA leadership groups


Animal Ethics and Welfare Committee

This committee is charged with reviewing AAHA's position statements in relationship to world views on animal welfare and ethics, and recommending the development of new statements as needed.
  • Chair: Rod Jouppi, DVM
  • Co-chair: Terri Johnson, MSS, CVT
  • Board liaison: Adam Hechko, DVM
  • Stacey L. Burdick-Taul, DVM
  • Dylan Frederickson, DVM

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is charged with the responsibility of selecting qualified recipients of the AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year Award and continually reviewing the award criteria, submission requirements, and process for selecting recipients.
  • Monique Weldon, DVM
  • Libby Roller, RVT
  • Mark A. Thompson, DVM, CCRT
  • Allison Whartenby, BS, CVT

Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee

The Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee is charged with the identification and recruitment of the individuals that best meet the skill requirements for a competency-based board.
  • Chair: Allen W. Craig, DVM
  • Lee Herold, DVM, DACVECC
  • Mark E. Epstein, DVM, CVPP, DABVP
  • Debbie H. Boone, CVPM
  • Clayton A. Mackay, DVM
  • Mark McConnell, BVMS, MRCVS

Membership Audit and Control Committee

The Membership Audit and Control Committee is responsible for ensuring that applicants are properly qualified to be accepted for membership in the association in accordance with all current standards and bylaws, including the responsibility for ensuring that all members maintain membership in accordance with current standards and bylaws.
  • Chair: Keri-Ann R. Reeves, DVM
  • Co-chair: Margaret Jones, CVT
  • Board liaison: Pamela Nichols, DVM
  • Robert B. Esplin, DVM
  • Molly Lautzenheiser, CVPM
  • Kelly M. Lemke, AAS, CVT
  • Michael Shane, CVPM

Practice Accreditation Committee

The Practice Accreditation Committee is responsible for seeking ways to improve the accreditation experience by sharing personal successes, and soliciting feedback from other AAHA Accredited Practice Members to ensure a “global” perspective.
  • Chair: Craig Clouse, DVM
  • Co-chair: Terri Johnson, MSS, CVT
  • Board liaison: Guylaine Charette, DMV
  • Shannon M. Campbell, DVM
  • Kimberly A. Downes, DVM
  • Erin Frey, DVM, DACVPM
  • Ronald G. Hendrikson, DVM
  • Rosalie M. LoScrudato, DVM
  • Kelly Neu, CVT

Veterinary Informatics Committee

The Veterinary Informatics Committee is charged with advancing AAHA’s mission by making recommendations to the board or carrying out the instructions of the board in all aspects of veterinary informatics.
  • Chair: Sonnya Dennis, DVM, DABVP
  • Board liaison: Carly W. Lubeck, DVM
  • Robert S. Baker, DVM
  • Kathryn L. Miller, DVM
  • G. Noell Moseley, DVM, DABVP
  • Janice L. Trumpeter, DVM

Other AAHA representatives

AAHA Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Chair: Adam Hechko, DVM
  • Carly W. Lubeck, DVM
  • James Heard, MBA
  • Marilyn Eudaly
  • Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM
AVMA Animal Welfare Committee
  • Jodi Wiktorowski, DVM
  • Ashley DeCillo, DVM
AVMA Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee
  • Laura Niman, DVM
  • Scott Driever, DVM
AVMA Committee on Antimicrobials
  • Erin Frey, DVM, DACVPM
  • Lindsay R. Wright, DVM
AVMA Delegate
  • Wendy L. Hauser, DVM
  • Kate Crumley, DVM
AVMA Legislative Advisory Committee
  • Peter Hellyer, DVM
  • William Fredregill, DVM
International Council for Veterinary Assessment
  • Mark Russak, DVM
Pet Nutrition Alliance Board
  • Lisa L. Lopshire, BBA, CVPM

Past Presidents


Dr. Mark McConnell 2017–18 Springfield, OR 541-746-0112
Dr. Nancy Soares 2016–17 Macungie, PA 610-421-8381
Dr. Tracey Jensen 2015–16 Wellington, CO 970-568-7387
Dr. Kate Crumley 2014–15 Youngsville, NC 919-570-9311
Dr. Kate Knutso 2013–14 Bloomington, MN 952-884-8248
Dr. Mark Russak 2012–13 Berlin, CT 860-357-3425
Dr. Michael Moyer 2011–12 Bensalem, PA 215-638-9275
Dr. Gregg K. Takashima 2010–11 Lake Oswego, OR 503-636-2102
Dr. John D. Tait 2009–10 Guelph, ON 519-824-4120
Dr. Anna E. Worth* 2008–09 Bennington, VT  
Dr. Thomas A. Carpenter 2007–08 Costa Mesa, CA 949-631-1031
Dr. Michael P. Andrews 2006–07 Riverside, CA 951-780-3250
Dr. Daniel S. Aja 2005–06 Portland, OR 231-922-0500
Dr. Dennis A. Feinberg 2004–05 Charleston, SC 843-571-4291
Dr. Link V. Welborn 2003–04 Tampa, FL 813-885-4477
Dr. Kathleen T. Neuhoff 2002–03 Mishawaka, IN 574-259-5291
Dr. R. Michael Thomas 2001–02 Indianapolis, IN 317-462-7818
Dr. Thomas J. Cusick 2000–01 Watertown, MA 617-926-8888
Dr. Michael A. Paul 1999–00 Anguilla, British West Indies 264-497-6120
Dr. M.J. (Peg) Rucker 1998–99 Lebanon, VA 276-889-5515
Dr. Jay W. Geasling 1997–98 Buffalo, NY 716-833-2255
Dr. Merry C. Crimi 1996–97 Oregon City, OR 503-631-8285
Dr. Clayton A. MacKay 1995–96 Guelph, Ontario 519-766-4949
Dr. Tristram C. Carpenter 1994–95 Norwood, MA 781-769-3011
Dr. Larry G. Dee 1993–94 Hollywood, FL 954-920-3356
Dr. Thomas C. Maddux 1992–93 New Castle, DE 302-328-8990
Dr. Gabor K. Vajda 1991–92 Phoenix, AZ 602-995-0460
Dr. M.E. (Marv) Johnson 1990–91 Des Moines, IA 515-276-4511
Dr. Linda M. Merry 1989–90 New Castle, DE 302-328-8990
Dr. Henry E. Childers 1988–89 Cranston, RI 401-943-0770
Dr. Milton L. Willen 1987–88 Mason, OH 513-204-1983
Dr. John W. Albers 1986–87 Denver, CO 303-986-2800
Dr. R.L. Collinson* 1985–86 Los Altos, CA  
Dr. Lloyd W. George 1984–85 Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-583-9110
Dr. John B. McCarthy* 1983–84 Easton, MD  
Dr. Robert H. Featherston* 1982–83 Tulsa, OK  
Dr. Raymond G. Pahle 1981–82 New Berlin, WI 262-782-4761
Dr. David M. Drenan 1980–81 Tallmadge, OH 330-630-8767
Dr. William A. Sumner 1979–80 Kinston, NC 406-754-2297
Dr. Edward J. Lemos 1978–79 Barrington, NH 603-664-9028
Dr. Warren G. Walker 1977–78 La Canada, CA 818-790-4844
Dr. Jerry G. Peck* 1976–77 Des Plaines, IL  
Dr. Franklin Gruesser* 1975–76 Jacksonville, FL  
Dr. Robert L. Ticehurst* 1974–75 Englewood, FL  
Dr. Ray Russell* 1973–74 Mesa, AZ  
Dr. V.G. Crago* 1972–73 Youngstown, OH  
Dr. George W. Abbott* 1971–72 Ithaca, NY  
Dr. Mil A. Custer* 1970–71 San Diego, CA  
Dr. William J. Westcott* 1969–70 Bingham Farms, MI 248-647-0144
Dr. William A. Howarth* 1968–69 Englewood, CO  
Dr. William J. Foster* 1967–68 Clifton, NJ  
Dr. Howard F. Carroll* 1966–67 Boulder Creek, CA  
Dr. E. Edgar Ruebush* 1965–66 Chevy Chase, MD  
Dr. Jack R. Dinsmore* 1964–65 Glenview, IL  
Dr. Lee R. Phillips* 1963–64 Lakewood, CO  
Dr. Robert P. Knowles* 1962–63 Miami, FL  
Dr. Lester R. Barto* 1961–62 Basking Ridge, NJ  
Dr. Wayne H. Riser* 1960–61 West Grove, PA  
Dr. W.K. Riddell* 1959–60 San Pedro, CA  
Dr. William G. Magrane* 1958–59 Osceola, IN  
Dr. J.A. Millar* 1957–58 Deal, NJ  
Dr. J.H. Yarborough* 1956–57 Miami, FL  
Dr. W.F. Irwin* 1955–56 Tulsa, OK  
Dr. C.W. Bower* 1954–55 Topeka, KS  
Dr. L.A. Corwin* 1953–54 Jamaica, NY  
Dr. M.A. Thom* 1952–53 Pasadena, CA  
Dr. Ralph E. Ruggles* 1951–52 Moline, IL  
Dr. J.R. Currey* 1950–51 Bethesda, MD  
Dr. J.S. Crawford* 1949–50 New Hyde Park, NY  
Dr. H.H. Groth* 1948–49 San Mateo, CA  
Dr. A.R. Theobald* 1947–48 Cincinnati, OH  
Dr. T.W. Craver* 1946–47 Youngstown, OH  
Dr. C.P. Zepp* 1944–46 New York, NY  
Dr. Joseph B. Engle* 1942–44 Summit, NJ  
Dr. O. Stader* 1941–42 Ardmore, PA  
Dr. D.A. Eastman* 1940–41 Miami, FL  
Dr. L.H. LaFond* 1939–40 Detroit, MI  
Dr. S.W. Haigler* 1937–39 St. Louis, MO  
Dr. J.V. Lacroix* 1936–37 Evanston, IL  
Dr. F.E. McClelland* 1935–36 Buffalo, NY  
Dr. M.L. Morris* 1933–35 Topeka, KS