Beyond Medicine Workshop

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Medical knowledge is only one piece of the puzzle in a successful veterinary career.

Beyond the exam room, the surgical suite, and the hours studying the latest research, the challenges facing veterinary professionals have to do with running a business, collaborating with a team, and finding purpose in the daily work.

AAHA has partnered with Zoetis to design an enlightening, blended learning experience for every member of the veterinary team who wants to gain hands-on skills for the nonmedical part of the job, such as client communications, overcoming professional challenges, and caring for your own wellbeing.

This FREE workshop is open to all practices, including those not accredited by AAHA.

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CVPM Qualified Continue Education

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Course description

A Leader's Guide to Energizing Veterinary Teams

You are leader committed to having a positive impact on your team, someone who wants to energize them around a common purpose. So often, the day-to-day ‘fires’ get in the way and, in the smoke, we lose sight of what makes leadership meaningful, impactful, and productive.

This session explores an evidence-based framework for leading thriving teams through the science of positive leadership. Presented in a format any veterinary professional can embrace and effectively implement, the ‘4 P’s’ Framework provides leaders with actionable tools to whisk away the smoke and enliven common goals in a way that motivates teams and helps the human beings doing the good work reach toward their best selves. 

Attendees will leave with tangible, evidence-based practices for enabling the best in the people they lead. 

This workshop conveys 3 hours of RACE-approved continuing education. These CE hours are also approved by the VHMA to meet CVPM CE requirements.


  1. An introduction to the science of positive leadership and human motivation
  2. Understanding the benefits of positive leadership for people, teams, and organizations
  3. An introduction to the 4 P’s Framework and how to apply it
  4. Exploring a variety of evidence-based tools for implementing the 4 P’s
  5. Development of a personalized 4 P’s Leadership Plan



Learning Facilitators

Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP

Josh believes all veterinary professionals deserve to feel fulfilled by their work, each and every day. Through his company, Flourish Veterinary Consulting, he combines more than 20 years of veterinary experience, a master’s in applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, and education in Positive Leadership and Positive Organizational Scholarship and a passion for guiding leaders to cultivate work environments in which people can thrive. Fun fact: Josh is also an avid beekeeper who teaches beginning beekeepers how to tend to their buzzing buddies.