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AAHA Guidelines Certificates provide real-life learning for veterinary healthcare heroes in no time.

You worked hard to earn your place in veterinary medicine, but to be a true champion for your patients, you need the ability to communicate what they need in a way their families can understand - because where there’s good communication, there’s good compliance. AAHA Guidelines Certificates help you translate the medicine and science you know into the best possible patient and client care. What’s more, you’ll feel more fulfilled and valuable at your practice, embracing your unique and indispensable role.

Professional growth — simplified.

AAHA brings the trusted recommendations from AAHA Guidelines into a new learning platform that’s high-impact, interactive, and fun. In less than three hours per course, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to effectively communicate what you know — and put it all into immediate action. You’ll review important skills – like how to set up anesthesia equipment, calculate a weight loss plan, or use pain assessment tools – and then apply those skills in case-based scenarios that focus on critical conversations, empathy, and a team approach enabling consistently excellent medicine.

Choose a topic, embrace your role, lead your team.

Every member of the team will benefit when you take on the topic that interests you most. While you’ll learn from video interviews, interactive exercises, and downloadable PDFs, your team will learn from you with exercises designed specifically for you to take the lead in training.

In addition to a digital badge showing that you’re an AAHA-assured champion, you’ll also have ongoing and unlimited access to downloadable pdfs, client education resources, and team training per topic.

Excellence is a team sport.

AAHA Guidelines Certificates are designed for the entire patient care team, including doctors, credentialed technicians, and assistants. From additional resources for beginning learners to advanced tools for seasoned staffers, these courses allow for personalized learning at numerous levels. Practices are encouraged to have champions in multiple categories, so each team member holds a unique champion position.

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Pain Management Guidelines Certificate course

AAHA Pain Management Badge

Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Guidelines Certificate course

AAHA Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Badge

Nutriton Guidelines Certificate course

AAHA Nutrition Badge

With each certificate completed, you’ll receive a digital badge touting your accomplishment and giving pet owners even more assurance of your skills.

RACE-approved CE

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Diabetes Champion Certificates.