Every pet needs a Champion.

AAHA Guidelines Certificates Provide Real-Life Learning for Veterinary Healthcare Heroes

As any busy veterinary professional knows, excellence is a team sport – and providing excellent care requires so much more than good clinical skills.

At AAHA, we saw the need for professional development opportunities for veterinary teams that simplify the journey to excellence, emphasize concepts that support existing skills and knowledge, and make the most of every minute of screen time.

AAHA’s new Guidelines Certificates bring evidence-guided recommendations from the guidelines you trust into an interactive, competency-based learning format designed for practice life. You’ll review important skills – like how to set up anesthesia equipment, calculate a weight loss plan, or use pain assessment tools – and then apply those skills in case-based scenarios that focus on the critical conversations, empathy, and team approach that enable the practice of consistently excellent medicine. 

You’ll find video interviews, interactive exercises, downloadable PDFs, and more packed into these unique programs. Every certificate is open to all veterinary professionals and includes exercises to take back to your team and help you feel comfortable teaching them what you’ve learned, as well as a digital badge that can be shared on websites, e-mail signatures, and resumes.

AAHA’s New Guidelines Certificates allow team members to step up to the podium and embrace their critical role as the healthcare champions our clients and pets deserve.

Create team action plans, get team training resources, earn a recognizable badge, RACE approval pending

Anesthesia, Pain Management, and Nutrition and Weight Management are all launching in Q4 2022. 

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