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Beyond your initial evaluation

What’s next?

Your AAHA experience doesn’t stop at the end of your first accreditation evaluation. We’ve addressed some of the most common questions we’ve received below, and we encourage you to reach out to your Member Experience team for any additional support you may need.


How do I access my AAHA online evaluation tool?

All AAHA-accredited members can access the AAHA Standards of Accreditation and the online evaluation tool even if they’re not currently scheduled for an evaluation. Simply log in here with your email address and password, then navigate to “Current Evaluations” and click on “Enter Evaluation.”

After I achieve AAHA accreditation, can I start using the AAHA logo?

After successfully achieving AAHA accreditation, the next step is a voting process, which usually takes two to five days. Then, your practice will officially be designated as an AAHA-accredited practice, and you and your team will gain access to all of AAHA’s accredited member benefits, including the use of the AAHA-accredited logo and promotional resources available in the AAHA Publicity Toolbox.

What resources does AAHA provide to help us promote our accreditation?

AAHA’s Publicity Toolbox includes many suggestions for ways to promote your accreditation along with a variety of templates and prebuilt tools that you can use for marketing purposes.

The AAHA-Accredited Members Facebook Group is also a great resource for marketing ideas.

What happens if I am already accredited but unable to meet AAHA’s standards during a subsequent evaluation?

If your practice is already accredited and you’re unable to meet AAHA’s standards during a subsequent evaluation, your practice consultant will provide consultation and feedback on what adjustments you may need to make in your practice in order to meet AAHA’s standards moving forward. We will then work with you to schedule a re-evaluation within six months.