Dr. Darren Taul

Taul-crop.jpgDr. Darren Taul is a 1996 Auburn grad, practice owner, and full-time veterinarian at Animal Hospital of Danville in Central Kentucky.  He is a member of AAHA-accredited Veterinary Management Groups (since 2013) and a past president and previous board member of the American Animal Hospital Association.  He brings 25 years of experience and knowledge spanning veterinary financial management, practice acquisition, transition, and sales, consulting, strategic planning (vision/direction), and leadership as well as experience in multi-practice ownership and nonprofit sectors. 

Dr. Taul has been a speaker for VMI since 2017 in the financial sector “tag teaming” with Beth Scott of Katz, Sapps, & Miller (KSM).  He utilizes key performance indicators and budgeting in his own hospital successfully focusing on managing COG’s, payroll, budgeting, and revenue growth.  Dr Taul also facilitates the annual AAHA Adventure CE Pack Trip (9 years running).  One of his greatest pleasures is helping other veterinary hospitals manage their practices successfully and learning many “pearls” from others as well. 

Bring your questions. Answers may include not only of what and how to do, but also what NOT to do. Others jokingly refer to Dr. Taul receiving his MBA from “the school of hard knocks.”  Be prepared to start thinking in different business models because if what you are doing is not working, then it’s time for a change.