AAHA Advantage®

Are you taking advantage of AAHA’s newest member benefit?

AAHA Advantage:

Is the only nonprofit veterinary purchasing organization

Negotiates exclusive discounts, preferred pricing, and rebate offers

Offers lower membership fees

Provides more vendors 


How it works


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Companies included within AAHA Advantage offer the following plus more.

  • Pet microchips
  • Electrosurgery products
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Compounding drugs
  • DEA compliance systems
  • Pet food
  • Animal hospital design and related products
  • Distribution
  • Radiation exposure monitoring
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Diagnostics testing
  • Home delivery pharmacy
  • Employee engagement tools
  • Controlled substance management
  • Biological products
  • Consumable diagnostics products
  • Vaccines
  • Fluid therapy

How much could your practice save?

“[Our practice] already saved a lot of money for the first quarter. It allows us to invest in other things.” 

—Chantale Kumiak, veterinary technician 

Oldwick Animal Hospital, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey


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  • There is a $300 annual fee for the program that is deducted from your rebates.
  • Due to vendor processing time, it may take up to 30 days for your membership to activate. 
  • Savings vary by practice and are dependent on purchase volume. Accredited and pre-accredited members can log in to see current vendors and discounts offered.

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