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Can’t afford critical veterinary care? Many nonprofits can help!

In the summer of 2014, Hannah Burke found herself in a situation no pet owner ever wants to face. Her dog, Sadie, a 1-year-old cocker spaniel/golden retriever mix, needed surgery on her tail after a bite wound had become badly infected. Sadie was an autism assistance dog for Burke’s son and

Your cat's need to knead

You’re reading a newspaper when suddenly your cat jumps onto your lap, forcing her way between you and the current events. She’s purring and begins to knead your lap, circling around and finding a perfect position to curl into. She is completely oblivious to your desires as

Would you know if your dog had a stroke?

Strokes in dogs are less common than they are in people, but when one strikes the condition is equally as serious as a human stroke. There are three major forms of canine strokes, and it is important for pet owners to be aware of their causes and warning signs so they will know what to do if

Why there’s no substitute for advice from your own veterinarian

If you’re reading this, chances are, you love your pets—and you know that panicked feeling when you think something might be wrong. Why is he whining? Why is she limping? Is he in pain? Is this something serious? What should I do? We all want answers fast so it’

When the wagging stops: Is it limber tail?

It seems like my dog Rio’s tail is always wagging—he’s a goofy Labrador retriever mix who sometimes even wags in his sleep. So one day when he was a few years old, I was shocked to discover his tail hanging limp like a wet noodle. He wouldn’t even wag for a trea

What is your dog’s poop telling you?

  Photo credit Jen Reeder. There are so many awesome things about having a dog: the happy wags, the sweet snuggles, the exuberant greeting when we come home, the laughter and joy they bring to our lives. We love our dogs so much that we even pick up their poop sinc

What a wellness plan can do for your pet (and your pocketbook)

What is a pet wellness plan?A wellness plan offers a way to prepay for pet health care services. Different than insurance, a wellness plan often requires a pet owner to sign a contract for a particular time period, usually 12 months. The pet owner then pays a monthly fee and rece

Walking a reactive dog: Tips and tricks

January is Walk Your Pet Month, a great time to get outside and exercise with your pup. But what if your dog needs space from other dogs or people? Don’t resort to walking your dog at midnight. With patience, ongoing training, and expert advice, you can successfully manage your dog’s

Vaccines and your pet: What you need to know

Last year, the national debate surrounding vaccines in humans reached a boiling point when an outbreak of measles occurred at Disneyland. Though studies, experts, and organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown there is no link between

The truth about dental anesthesia

I’ve never seen such a look of betrayal as was in Tomkin’s eyes when he came home from the veterinary hospital. Traumatized by the poking, prodding, bright lights, and sharp tools, he cowered in his corner, refusing even his favorite treats. It took days before he finally showe

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