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Barking and growling Does your dog growl or bark when a stranger approaches your house or when something goes bump in the night? If so, you’re not alone. Why dogs bark and growl Most dogs will vocalize when they are exposed to new or different situations, including strange people or animals entering their territory; ... Read More Biting The bad news: Dogs of any breed or size can, and do, bite. The good news: There are really very few aggressive dogs. Most dogs bite because they’re afraid. This means there are steps you can take to prevent your dog from biting and prevent you and your children from being bitten. Here’s ... Read More Chewing It is natural for puppies to explore their environment; however, their natural curiosity often leads to frustration on your part when they chew your favorite slippers. While you may be tempted to punish your naughty pup, reinforcing good behavior is much more effective and will keep you and your dog ... Read More Easy Training Tips Well-socialized and well-trained pets are happy pets. Dogs generally like to please and to be loved by their family. Using positive reinforcement like praising, giving treats and positive attention will help your pet learn the good behavior. General training tips Start training at an early ... Read More Socializing Your Puppy Puppies enter the world not knowing about people or the world in which we all live. A puppy needs to learn about the things, people and other animals in her environment. If she is not properly taught, she may grow up to be a fearful, anxious and/or antisocial dog. Socialize early The first few ... Read More Top 5 Behavior Myths by David Sanders  1.) “Fido's tail is wagging - he must be happy.” A dog’s tail indicates his arousal level to a certain stimulus or environment. When his tail is wagging, it does not necessarily mean he is happy. Dogs operate under three basic states of emotion… ... Read More

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