See. Compare. Do.

With AAHA Benchmarking+

We gave Vital Stats a makeover.

Gone are the days of manual data collection and interpretation with the subsequent findings printed months later.

Enter AAHA Benchmarking+, a digital analytics platform built to continuously clean, anonymize, and standardize data behind the scenes so that your practice can access live, relevant, and actionable information.

Power your practice’s performance with industry insights.

Get actionable insights into your practice’s performance and cross-reference it with industry data to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your practice to improve business and to boost team morale all while practicing better medicine.

Additionally, AAHA Benchmarking+ eliminates the need for overwhelming spreadsheets and countless reports. With all the necessary insights accessible from a single dashboard, it’s easier than ever to assess, compare, and take action.



Teamwork makes the dream work.

Going digital offers more veterinary teams access to the tools needed to improve business and to provide higher quality patient care.

AAHA Benchmarking+ harnesses the power of community data to improve pet healthcare and business success for individual practices while raising the bar for industry-wide veterinary excellence.

Is AAHA Benchmarking+ Right For My Hospital?

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Know where you stand

SPOT Score
Get an overall snapshot of your practice’s health compared to the industry based on four SPOTlight categories: Sales revenue, Producer performance, Opportunities, and Trends in medicine.

Identify focus areas

Tap each SPOTlight to see an in-depth dashboard featuring more reports and custom filters to see the metrics that matter most.

Price competitively and consistently

Fee Reference Dashboard
Compare your prices (by item) to live industry averages so you can price competitively and consistently and ensure your revenue grows.

Increase team retention

Employee Health Dashboard
Explore reports to help monitor burnout and compassion fatigue.

Visualize your profits

Inventory Dashboard
Compare your profit margin to the industry to determine how to optimize pet care through your offered services.

Streamline your insights

Filter by practice group
Group admins can filter dashboards to compare insights between the industry and the group’s practices.

Vet Fee Ref 1.png

Benchmarking Dashboard 2

How it works

Connect your PIMS

Forget sifting through spreadsheets and queries to manually transfer data. AAHA Benchmarking+ turns your PIMS data into live insights behind the scenes so you can benchmark while you work.

Clean, match, and secure

Data is cleaned for errors and standardized to match our AAHA-based catalogs.

Take action

Explore live analytics to identify how you can take immediate action to improve care, enhance client relationships, and boost your business.

You own your data. It’s protected with algorithms to prevent reversibility, encrypted at every step of its journey, and stored with high levels of security.

Is AAHA Benchmarking+ Right For My Hospital?

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Partnering with Chewy Health

AAHA and Chewy Health’s partnership highlights a mutual commitment to make clean data and live analytics the bread and butter of veterinary practices. Together, we want to encouraging collaboration and data democratization across the profession so that enhanced practice productivity and an improved pet care experience becomes the standard.

How did we get here?

It all started with Vital Stats
As much as we loved developing and publishing Vital Stats, over time we realized that not all benchmarking data is created equal. And, unfortunately, Vital Stats data requires manual collection and interpretation of survey results which leads to outdated and potentially biased data. So, at the request of our members, AAHA made the decision to move away from the printed benchmarking materials to deliver a higher-quality experience.

Partnering with Petabyte Technology
Since partnering with Petabyte Technology, now Chewy Health, almost two years ago, we’ve conducted extensive market research to identify the top priorities of veterinary professionals, primarily our accredited practice members. After investing significant time and over $450,000, we co-built AAHA Benchmarking+ to offer AAHA members access to live industry reports to help inform business decisions and deliver better, faster, and more accessible pet care.

Looking ahead
Our partnership with Chewy Health only accelerates the ongoing evolution of AAHA Benchmarking+ bringing us another step closer to simplifying the journey towards excellence for the entire veterinary profession.

We’re so excited to have you on board!