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AAHA Benchmarking: Simplifying the path to a thriving practice so you can focus on providing the best medicine.


The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has partnered with a leading technology company, Petabyte Technology, to bring the profession the first true, live veterinary benchmarking product available on the market. 

Benchmarking from the nonprofit you trust to promote standards for the veterinary profession

And, since these veterinary benchmarking and metrics products are offered by AAHA, a nonprofit organization and the only organization accrediting companion animal hospitals and practices in the U.S. and Canada, you can trust that we are focused on improving the profession and elevating pet care.

As a nonprofit whose aim is to simplify the journey to excellence for the veterinary profession, AAHA leadership provides third-party neutral assurance to participating practices that their data is safe, secure, and ultimately, owned at the practice level. 

Having good data is critical for veterinary practices. 

"In order to make decisions that have the most impact on clinical care and operational performance, hospitals must regularly access and evaluate key data through benchmarking."

P. Adam Hechko, DVM
North Royalton Animal Hospital, Royalton, OH
2021-2022 President, AAHA Board of Directors

A technology partner focused on improving the profession through good veterinary benchmark data

As a tech leader in analyzing and standardizing data at scale, Petabyte Technology harnesses the power of community data to improve pet care and business success for individual practices while raising the bar for industry-wide veterinary excellence.


Veterinary Practice Benchmarking

AAHA Benchmarking, developed by Petabyte Technology, is the first ever digital tool that uses live practice information management system (PIMS) data and advanced benchmarking analytics to compare practice performance insights to the broader veterinary space.

We make veterinary practice benchmarks simple:AAHA Benchmarking Dashboard AAHA Benchmarking automatically standardizes, aggregates, and analyzes PIMS data. 

Our secure, cloud-based platform allows you to access 16 reports across these categories:

  • Sales: sales revenue summary, transaction growth, average client transaction (ACT), ACT growth, ACT deviation
  • Producer performance: producer sales revenue and transaction growth, producer ACT growth and deviation
  • Opportunity: new client transactions, forward booking rate, client bonding rate, client compliance rate
  • Trends in medicine: patient visit transactions, average annual patient visit count, well-check appointment types,
    recheck visits

You can dig deep into the results by location, practice type, visit type, and so much more. The AAHA Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics product has more than 20 additional reports, focusing on all aspects of your practice's performance, including marketing, inventory, operations, and more, including pricing benchmarks.

SPOT Dashboard

A unique feature of AAHA Benchmarking+ and Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics is our SPOT score. You’ll be able to tell at a glance how your practice measures up to others – and know exactly where to focus to improve upon less-than-stellar performance or replicate good performance.

What is SPOT?
  1. Sales revenue
  2. Producer performance
  3. Opportunities
  4. Trends in medicine

You can also drill down into each of these four areas, each containing four reports, for your SPOT score on that key performance indicator. We call these SPOTlights!

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Three Benchmarking Products 


AAHA Benchmarking Lite

This no-cost version of AAHA Benchmarking is available to the full AAHA membership thanks in part to generous support from Merck Animal Health. Members will receive all 16 reports. No PIMS connection is necessary. 


Free for AAHA members | Get your login or get a demo

Support for Benchmarking Lite provided by:

BenchmarkingLite provided in part due to generous support from Merck Animal Health

AAHA Benchmarking+

AAHA Benchmarking+ is available to the entire veterinary community for a monthly subscription fee with a substantial discount for AAHA members.

This product allows you to filter the 16 reports by location, practice size, and much, much more. You'll be able to easily see how your own
practice stacks up in these four categories and explore all 16 reports with our visual dashboards.

To access this product, we will connect your PIMS (we currently connect with more than 20 practice information management systems, including AVImark, Cornerstone, and Intravet) to the Petabyte tool to provide live data and insights. Your practice can be up and running in days.


$65/month for AAHA members // $120/month for non-members (plus a $1,000 setup fee for non-members)

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AAHA Benchmarking+ and Petabyte Analytics

Want to dive even deeper into the numbers and get 20+ more reports and advanced filters? For an additional monthly subscription fee you'll be able to benchmark dozens more critical data points, such as item sales (top 10 items and by producer), patient visit transactions, and revenue by practice and category. This product upgrade is now available.


$223/month for AAHA members // $320/month for non-members (plus a $1,000 setup fee for non-members)


AAHA Standards: Raising the Bar for the Profession

AAHA Benchmarking uses the AAHA Chart of Accounts and the AAHA's Problem and Diagnosis Terms (which are mapped to SNOMED) to normalize and standardize data. Practices don't need to be using these terms in their own PIMS for the system to work, however.

Data standards are key for generating veterinary practice benchmarks and metrics. Without standardized data you wouldn't be able to compare veterinary clinic revenue or forward booking rates, or generate any veterinary practice key performance indicators.

Learn more about standards and veterinary practice benchmarking


Our Partners in Data

A passion for data standards, an unwavering commitment to the veterinary profession, and a love for pets—that’s what brought American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and Petabyte Technology together.

“Petabyte takes any number of practices with our tenured technology and turns their data into the industry’s single source of truth,” explains Kim Fish, VP of Veterinary Strategy at Petabyte Technology. “Even simple things make a difference, like knowing that 'Limes disease’ means ‘Lyme disease’. With deep standardized data we can help clinics recuperate lost revenue by looking at things like ACT inconsistencies and producer performance to determine revenue gaps. The varied naming, PIMS, and idiosyncrasies we ingest takes real technical magic to overcome,” says Fish.

Learn more about the AAHA/Petabyte partnership


Easy Veterinary Benchmarking is Now Available

Good, clean data is at the heart of what we do. Standardizing and normalizing the data in your PIMS minimizes errors and maximizes the opportunity to fill in the gaps financially, operationally, and medically. 

Data standards, standardization, and normalization can be confusing or scary concepts tackle on your own. Together with Petabyte and AAHA, you get a veterinary tool that simplifies things with clear reports and visualizations instead of endless spreadsheets. We make veterinary practice benchmarking simple!


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