Alyssa C. Mages, BS, CVT

Alyssa C. Mages, BS, CVT

Alyssa is the Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) of EVT (Empowering Veterinary Teams) where she oversees the content development, clinical skills training, and overall vision of the company. She co-founded EVT to provide training programs, materials & coaching/learning opportunities for veterinary practices, as well as content development and training directives for veterinary industry service providers. The EVTeam consists of veterinary professionals, industry leaders & coaches.

Alyssa graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BS in Marine Biology which led her to the education/conservation track. Ultimately her desire to learn and do more led her to transition to the veterinary field, where she attained an AS in Veterinary Technology from Manor College and added CVT to her credentials.

She has 18 years of veterinary experience and has worked in numerous sectors of the industry. Throughout her tenure, she has held multiple leadership roles, including Lead Veterinary Technician, Adjunct Professor, and Education & Development Coordinator.

As her career has shifted along with EVT Alyssa is also thrilled to be a member of the Board of Directors for Pawsibilities VetMed, an advisor for BlendVet, and the Director of MentorVet Tech as well as a co-founder & the Director of Veterinary Team Strategy for nûrtûr.

Throughout the past few years, Alyssa has worked with many amazing teams in our profession all over North America, spoken at multiple national conferences, co-authored a guidebook, written a textbook chapter & several articles, and has also been featured on multiple podcasts.