Today, pets in the US are living longer than ever.


In fact, nearly 15% of dogs and 20% of cats are more than 11 years old. As pets age, many owners assume certain conditions—particularly pain from osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease—are a normal part of the process. As practitioners, however, we know this is not the case.

Mobility is key to a healthy quality of life for pets. Understanding the causes of joint disease and the benefits of early detection can help keep pets feeling younger longer—and give owners more quality years with their pets living comfortably by their sides.

These resources from Boehringer Ingelheim and AAHA are designed to help the veterinary healthcare team confidently discuss pain and mobility with clients, recognize and regularly assess pain levels, and treat mobility problems with individualized, multimodal pain management plans that are designed to increase compliance and patient comfort.

Read Mobility Matters: A Practical Guide to Recognizing and Managing Osteoarthritis in Dogs and Cats

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Mobility client education posters

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