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Animal identification

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends the use of permanent identification in the form of the ISO microchip as well as placement of collar identification tags with current owner contact information on all dogs and cats.

Animals with identification are more likely to be reunited with their owners than those with no form of identification.

Microchip devices
AAHA recognizes the tremendous benefits that microchips can provide for animals. However, there are problems of compatibility that currently compromise the effective use of this technology. AAHA urges the microchip industry to address these and other concerns by:

  • adopting the ISO-standard microchips
  • making universal scanners available to all shelters and veterinarians
  • creating a universal, interlinked database that allows an animal to be identified regardless of where or how he or she is registered
  • ensuring the database is readily accessible and allows for ease of registration, information updating, and support
  • providing trace-back capability to identify the source of production of each microchip
  • promoting proper use of the technology by providing detailed instructions regarding correct scanning methods and implantation technique, including use of standardized implantation sites

Adopted by the American Animal Hospital Association Board of Directors, October 1993. Revised November 1994 and October 2000. Last Revised October 2009.

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