New Website Acts as Clearinghouse for Veterinary Clinical Trials

In an attempt to connect private practitioners with active clinical trials, professionals at the University of Wisconsin have launched a new website to connect researchers and the appropriate cases.

“I hope this website will make it easier for the right cases to find the right, novel treatments,” said Kimberly Selting, DVM , MS , DACVIM, assistant professor at the University of Missouri . “Good quality case accrual will result in good quality research and more powerful data [that is] accrued more rapidly.

The website, which is now live, lists active clinical trials and can be updated by universities and research professionals who have passwords. There are about 30 “initiating institutions” that have posted information, but Selting does not expect the site to be completely updated until the end of July.

Prior to the website creation, professionals relied on networks and conferences to learn about independent research and clinical trials, said Selting, who worked with Information Technology professionals at the university to launch the site.

Selting believes that there will be an average of 60 to 80 trials listed. Some will only be available to pet owners near the institutions in question; others can be conducted anywhere or will allow clients to travel in to participate, she added.