Troubled Teva works toward a comeback

Generic animal drug maker Teva Animal Health, Inc., announced earlier this month that it was "making positive steps towards returning back to business in the near future."

The embattled Missouri-based company was shut down by the federal government in August 2009 due to alleged significant violations of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed an injunction against the company to prevent it from manufacturing and distributing adulterated veterinary drugs.

According to the injunction, Teva cannot begin manufacturing and distributing veterinary drugs again "until adequate methods, facilities, and controls are established and an independent expert inspects the facilities and procedures and certifies that they comply with cGMP."

The company says it is now working toward that goal. In a news release, Teva said it has taken "a significant step" in upgrading its St. Joseph, Mo., manufacturing plant, and has hired 40 full-time employees. They have not yet begun manufacturing products, but the FDA did allow Teva to ship some products manufactured and tested by a third party.

"We are excited to announce these positive steps and hope to have additional information to share with you in the near future," said Teva CEO and President David Cunningham.