Happy Thanksgiving from AAHA!

Nov. 24, 2011
The American Animal Hospital Association wishes you and your practice a happy Thanksgiving!
Dont forget to share these tips with your clients on keeping pets safe around the holidays:
  • Stick to dog food. Table scraps and leftovers can add unnecessary fat to a pets diet, and can lead to accidental ingestion of products like tin foil and plastic wrap.
  • Provide a quiet place. Loud noise and activity can bother some pets and cause them stress. Give them a private, quiet place where they can relax without so much activity.
  • Beware dangerous foods. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) lists chocolate, avocado, alcohol, grapes, raisins, yeast dough, salt, Macademic nuts, onions, garlic and candy as harmful or deadly to dogs and cats.
  • Keep an eye on the decorations. As pet owners begin to decorate for Christmas, tinsel, Christmas tree water and mistletoe can be a hazard to pets. Keep decorations out of a pets reach.
  • Watch the door! With people coming in and out of the house around the holidays, it is easy for pets to escape and get lost. Pet owners need to keep a close eye on their pets and ensure that they dont get lost amid the exxtra guest traffic.

Happy holidays!