Abbott Animal Health releases new fluid therapy app

Abbott Animal Health has provided veterinarians with a new app to assist with fluid therapy: the I.V. Fluid Volume Calculator.

The free app, which can be used on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, was designed to help veterinarians and veterinary technicians calculate the volume of crystalloid fluid they should give dogs and cats during fluid therapy.

"The fluid therapy calculator is an easy-to-use tech tool that saves time and reduces error risks in determining the proper amount of fluid needed for each patient," said the fluid therapy marketing team at Abbott Animal Health. 

The app comes in handy in situations where either maintenance or maintenance and replacement is requested. It is targeted toward three important parts of fluid therapy, which are deficit volume, normal ongoing losses, and abnormal ongoing losses.

According to the fluid therapy marketing team, the app went live during the last week of December and has already been downloaded an estimated 700 times as of Jan. 14.

The app fits into Abbott Animal Health’s goal to help veterinarians use today’s technology for the benefit of their patients, said Andrea Wainer, divisional vice president/GM for Abbott Animal Health.

"The I.V. Fluid Therapy Calculator is another tool created by Abbott Animal Health to support the veterinary community," Wainer said. "Abbott Animal Health is committed to providing veterinarian professionals with a broad scope of products and services to improve pet patient care.”  

Veterinarians who are interested in testing it out can download the app on iTunes or Google Play for free.

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