Minimum wage increases in some states require display of updated posters

As 2014 approaches, veterinary practices and other small businesses need to be aware of impending increases to the minimum wage amount in their states.

If the minimum wage changes in a particular state, employers in that state are legally responsible for displaying posters featuring the new amount displayed prominently in an area that employees frequent.

Most states' Department of Labor websites feature downloadable labor law posters, or there are several commercial websites where the posters can be purchased.

To help practices prepare for the new year, NEWStat compiled the following list of the 14 states that will have a different minimum wage amount at the start of 2014.

State 2014 Minimum Wage Amount 2013 Minimum Wage Amount
 Arizona $7.90  $7.80 
 California $9.00 $8.00 
 Colorado $8.00 $7.78 
 Connecticut $8.70 $8.25
 Florida $7.93 $7.79
 Missouri $7.50 $7.35
 Montana $7.90 $7.80
 New Jersey $8.25 $7.25
 New York $8.00 $7.25
 Ohio $7.95 $7.85
 Oregon $9.10 $8.95
 Rhode Island $8.00 $7.75
 Vermont $8.73 $8.60
 Washington $9.32 $9.19

Additional wage information for two California cities

In California, employers in San Francisco and San Jose will need to take note of higher minimum wage amounts that will take effect Jan. 1. According to, employees in San Francisco must be paid $10.74 per hour, while those working in San Jose will have a minimum wage of $10.15 per hour.

Sources: and Labor Law Center

Editor's note: Businesses are encouraged to check their own states' minimum wage rules to ensure complete accuracy.

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