Industrial designer developing product to help dogs rehab from hip dysplasia

While the veterinary community continues to search for better ways to help dogs with hip dysplasia, an industrial designer from Israel is pitching in by developing a new product for dogs recovering from hip dysplasia surgeries.

Designer Galia Weiss worked with a veterinarian to design a full-body harness for dogs that have undergone hip dysplasia surgery, reported. The product - called the Hipster Harness - fits around a dog's chest and stomach and wraps both of the back legs like a cast, with the goal of pulling up and strengthening the hip muscles to keep the femur in position. 

Weiss originally submitted her design to the website, where she listed specific details of the invention, including:

  • Integrated, rigid frame
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Two adjustable ratchet straps located on the back of the harness that allow for the accommodation of different canine sizes
  • Fabrics that are machine washable and available in multiple colors

She explained to that she is hopeful her product can eventually be used in a complementary manner to veterinary medicine, giving pet owners a better way to help their pets rehabilitate at home. Weiss said she hopes the product can accelerate dogs' recovery to as little as a month.

Although Weiss still has to finalize the device prototype and initiate the process of testing its efficacy on dogs, her original design submission on has already received many comments posted by people commending her efforts and asking to be notified if the product someday is commercially available.

Weiss told that the positive reactions from people even this early on in the development product have encouraged her to keep moving forward.

"After I published the project I realized how many people want help. It's given me a very strong push to continue with the project," Weiss said.