Pet Wellness Report to accelerate veterinary wellness efforts

The popular human concept of collecting modifiable lifestyle information in a health risk assessment (HRA) is expanded upon with the AAHA-recommended Pet Wellness Report from Zoetis.

The PWR includes pet owner observations of their pet’s physical appearance and behaviors that may represent early warning signs of disease. The PWR quickly gives the veterinarian a “behind the scenes” look into their patient’s day-to-day life to provide direction for pet owner education and patient-specific recommendations. The PWR is the first broadly available HRA in veterinary medicine and is now the only AAHA-endorsed HRA.

How It Works
The client simply completes a standardized online questionnaire, which can be paired with wellness diagnostics including blood/urine testing and parasite screening.  The PWR then generates a comprehensive, easy to read report that acts as a catalyst to engage, educate, and empower pet owners to more proactively assess their pet’s health alongside their veterinary health care team.

This additional layer of wellness evaluation, when combined with a routine history and physical exam, can provide a more complete picture of the patient’s lifestyle and health risks. Examples of the type of information that pet owners glean from the PWR include their pet’s approximate age in human years and their risk for certain diseases, such as heartworm, dental disease, and arthritis.

In a recent study sponsored by Zoetis of more than 400 dogs and 100 cats from 19 veterinary hospitals, newly diagnosed health problems were discovered in 36 percent of dogs and 28 percent of cats when coupling a traditional wellness visit with the PWR. What participants found surprising was that these animals had been declared clinically healthy during a traditional wellness exam less than 90 days prior.1

“The PWR supports AAHA’s mission to enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals,” said AAHA CEO Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP. “It reinforces the importance of regular preventive care visits to veterinarians while helping pets live longer, healthier lives. It also offers an opportunity to enhance the bond between client, pet, and veterinarian. As we learned in the 2014 AAHA State of the Industry, strong bonds are key to driving hospital growth.”

In a recent clinical trial conducted by Zoetis, 86 percent of pet owners felt better informed about their pet’s health after the PWR was conducted and 82 percent of pet owners would recommend the PWR to a friend. The clinical trial also found 81 percent of participating veterinarians agreed that the PWR-enhanced exam is more valuable for pet owners than a standard exam.1

“The Pet Wellness Report is another example of how Zoetis is partnering with veterinarians to support quality health care for the benefit of companion animals and the people who love them,” said J. Michael McFarland, DVM, DABVP, and group director of U.S. Companion Animal Veterinary Operations for Zoetis. “This study demonstrated that a health risk assessment like PWR can help veterinarians identify issues that might otherwise go undiagnosed and untreated until serious symptoms become apparent.”
For more information about the Pet Wellness Report, visit PWR landing page. In addition, a video on Lifelong Care and HRAs can be viewed online here.



(1) Lavan, R. Enhanced Preventive Care: Data from the First Broadly Available Health Risk Assessment for Dogs and Cats. Paper presented at the 87th Annual Western Veterinary Conference; 2014 February 16-20; Las Vegas, NV.