Veterinarians needed in Appalachia

If you’re looking for a change of pace, or need to jump-start your veterinary career once you graduate, you may want to head to Appalachia, according to a new report.

On October 14-15, the Center for Animal Health (CAHA) and the Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine (LMU-CVM) issued a report that found that 75% of its rural counties had a shortage of approximately 1,907 veterinarians, translating to an estimated economic loss of $621 million and 15,256 jobs.

There are 7,178 in-state practicing veterinarians within the Appalachian footprint who provide care for an estimated 13.8 million small animals and 13.7 million large animals within an estimated herd size worth $42 billion.

These 7,178 veterinarians provide a total employment impact of approximately 8 people per practice, and provide an estimated $2.3 billion to the economy within the footprint of Appalachia. The report also shows that veterinary practices provide 57,424 jobs within Appalachia.

At first blush, it appeared that Appalachia is well served with veterinarians. However, a closer look revealed that 75% of the rural counties within the footprint have an apparent veterinary shortage estimated to be 1,907 veterinarians. This shortage translates into an estimated economic loss of $621 million and 15,256 jobs.

Photo credit: © iStock/mediaphotos