IDEXX Cornerstone® Software is pleased to announce seamless integration of AAHA Diagnostic Terms

Through the continued partnership with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and IDEXX, the IDEXX Cornerstone team is pleased to announce the ability to seamlessly integrate the AAHA Diagnostic Terms with Cornerstone 8.3 Software and higher.

In 2013, IDEXX introduced the AAHA Diagnostic Terms for all new Cornerstone customers. With the growing popularity of consistent diagnostic codes among providers, IDEXX has created a mechanism to provide all Cornerstone customers running version 8.3 or higher the ability to integrate the AAHA Diagnostic Terms with automatic updates.

The use of standardized diagnostic codes within Cornerstone provides multiple benefits to the practice. A practice will be able to:

  • Deliver superior patient care through easy access to historical information for a particular patient and improve care accuracy and efficiency.
  • Enhance the client experience with the ability to link client education documents to specific diagnostic codes to be printed when entered in a medical note, creating consistency in messaging among staff.
  • Improve practice care opportunities with patient level reporting on specific diagnoses to easily monitor treatment response and client compliance.

Now Cornerstone customers have the ability to access diagnostic codes from one of the industry’s most reputable sources for pet health information through AAHA. Using AAHA Diagnostic Terms creates consistency among healthcare providers, improved practice compliance with AAHA Medical Records Standards, and standardized transmission and analysis of practice data.

There is no charge to implement the AAHA Diagnostic Terms within your Cornerstone software. All previously created diagnostic codes will automatically be archived without losing previously recorded patient history. To request access to the AAHA Diagnostic Terms, please complete the form on the IDEXX website.

Photo Credit: © iStock/shironosov