Canines on—and off—the job in selective airports

If you’ve planned a trip through Kenya and Tanzania this summer, you may notice a new kind of airport worker—the canine kind—and they’re not just sniffing for food or drugs.

An elite team of eight canines has been employed to sniff out ivory at airports and ports in Kenya and Tanzania, reported National Geographic on April 27. Since January, in Kenya alone, the dogs have led 18 busts.

The canine team includes German shepherds, German short-haired pointers, English springer spaniels, and Belgian Mailinois.

And lest canine workers—and pets, including felines—need an airport bio break, at least in New York, relief is in sight.

Kennedy Airport in New York City opened a pet potty in Terminal 4 the week of April 18, reported the New York Post on April 25. The new relief station includes fake grass and a fire hydrant, and is designed so that it can be hosed down regularly.

Photo credit: © iStock/Sadeugra

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