I'm late because my hair caught on fire

July 4th is right around the corner and the lazy days—and late starts—of summer are in full force. In fact, more than one in five U.S. workers (23%) are late to work once a month, and 14% are late weekly, according to CareerBuilder.

The Society for Human Resources Management reported some of the more creative excuses, culled from CareerBuilder’s nationwide survey in late 2015 responded to by 2,595 hiring and Human Resources managers and 3,252 full-time, U.S. workers. The results were released on Jan. 28.

 Some of the more outrageous excuses include:

  • My hair caught on fire from my blow-dryer.
  • All of my clothes were stolen.
  • A Vaseline truck overturned on the highway and cars were slipping left and right.
  • I thought of quitting today but decided not to, so I came in late.
  • A black bear entered my carport and decided to take a nap on the hood of my car.
  • I had to chase my cows back into the field.
  • I was detained by Homeland Security.

Happy July 4th!

Photo credit: © iStock/Alija

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