AVMA launches free animal health studies database

Researching patient health challenges is part of the job of veterinary professionals. A new resource hopes to make that task easier.

In June, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) launched a free animal health studies database as a resource for veterinarians and animal owners exploring options for treatment. Researchers can also seek animals to participate in clinical studies.

The new AVMA website encompasses all fields of veterinary medicine and all species of animals and will extend beyond the United States to Canada and the United Kingdom.

Visitors to the website can view all available studies or search in the following categories: diagnosis or keywords, primary field of veterinary medicine, country, and species.

Details about the studies include a project description, study type, intervention, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, potential medical benefits to enrolled animals, potential medical risks to enrolled animals, and financial incentives for study participants.

Photo credit: © iStock/kutubQ