Wackiest pet names of 2016

While Max and Bella once again top the list of most popular pet names, according to a Nationwide pet insurance report, there are some owners out there determined to stand out from a crowd. In addition to releasing the most popular names of the year, Nationwide also surveys its insured pets looking for the wackiest names of the year.

Some of the names that top the most creative dog names for 2016 include Optimus Prime Rib, Mcloven the Stud Muffin, and Scrappin Scruffy Macdoogle of the Highland Macdoogles.

Following a proud tradition of cat puns, some of the top cat names include Shakespurr, Agent Jack Meower, and Butch Catsidy.

Check out the top 50 choices for dogs and cats for some creative inspiration to give to anyone who asks for pet name advice.

Photo credit: © iStock/patostudio

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