Do you feel like your veterinary practice leads you, instead of the other way around?

Struggling to engage your entire team in the success of your practice? Feel like for every team member you hire, another one leaves? Want to revamp your staff meetings into experiences people look forward to instead of dread?

We hear you. AAHA’s new conference, Connexity by AAHA, is focused on finding solutions to everyday challenges in veterinary practices, so we asked you to tell us about the issues keeping you up at night—and molded the event’s educational lineup around your responses.

Ready to confront HR and staffing challenges head on? Check out how these Connexity by AAHA sessions can help:

Bringing Clarity, Focus, and Direction to Your Practice with Effective Team Meetings
Brian Conrad
Team meetings can invigorate or demoralize your staff, depending on how they are conducted. In this session, you’ll learn effective steps for leading your team to future success with proper communication and interactive, positive staff meetings.

Leading Your Team with Purpose
Debbie Boone
In this session, practice owners will be asked to speak openly about why they wanted to be a veterinarian and own a hospital. Owners and managers will then work together to create a new mission statement, and discuss how to encourage team members to define how their work plays a role in accomplishing their practice’s mission and living its values.

Conversations for Success
Dr. Debbie Stoewen
The single most important factor in organizational success, outside of a viable business model, is workplace culture. And conversations are what create, reveal, sustain, and change organizational culture. This session will explore the kinds of conversations that build happy, healthy, and high-performing cultures and lead to personal, professional, and organizational success.

Leading a Fully Engaged Practice Team
Randy Hall
How your team shows up each day–their attitudes, work ethic, accountability, effort, and commitment–determines how successful your practice will be. In this interactive session, Randy Hall will explore what causes employees to fully engage and discuss how to lead them so they show up looking for ways to contribute, with an attitude that builds a stronger team and a stronger practice.

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