What’s better than treating your staff to a movie about dogs? A bunch of movies about dogs!


It’s been a tough year, and there’s no question that stressed-out veterinary teams could use a little something to help lighten the load.

No one knows this better than Project V.E.T.S. The Boulder, Colorado–based nonprofit literally lightens the load for hospitals by collecting donated veterinary equipment, technology, and supplies (hence the acronym V.E.T.S.) from veterinary hospitals and colleges, human hospitals, medical equipment and supply manufacturers, other nonprofits, and individuals. They redistribute these donations globally to 100 nonprofits devoted to animal health, most of which are in third-world countries.

To show their appreciation, Project V.E.T.S. is offering hospitals a different way to ease stress with a private showing of The Bow Wow Film Festival (BWFF), a compilation of the best dog-themed short films of the year. (Check out the trailer.)

The Bow Wow Film Festival’s watch party package celebrates all things canine with films that combine silliness, slapstick, and sentiment to illustrate the enduring bond between people and their pets.

BWFF packages, which begin at $100, are for veterinary teams large and small, and allow staff to join together and connect from their home, office, or anywhere they can access a computer or smartphone. E-invitations will be sent to the entire team with a link to the watch party, which takes place on Zoom.

Proceeds from each showing go to support Project V.E.T.S.’ philanthropic work for animal welfare around the world.

Don't miss this opportunity to thank your team for all they do. A Bow Wow Film Festival watch party is a win-win: Your purchase will support an effective animal welfare nonprofit while giving your team time to relax and connect virtually. Email [email protected] for scheduling.

Photo credit: © iStock/summerphotos