What’s missing in the pet insurance world? Your ideas on a product that’s a no-brainer for clients to buy it.

When pets have accidents or are in need of expensive treatments, difficult conversations are part of the mix.  Pet owners panic not knowing how to pay for it. And vet teams cringe at potentially euthanizing an animal that could be saved. No one is happy — including the pet. You may not know this, but less than 3% of clients have pet insurance for their animals. If more people have it, fewer tough conversations would be needed.

How can we collectively change this?

By offering your ideas and opinions on what an ideal pet insurance product might look like. One that’s easy for clients and easier on your team. Through the month of July, you can share your thoughts on how to help animals get the care they need while reducing critical decision conversations. 

Offer up your ideas, vote on others, and potentially win cash prizes up to $500.*

Take the survey

At the end of July, a panel of pros in both the veterinary and insurance worlds will evaluate ideas based on set criteria in terms of feasibility, cost, and actionable items. Winners will be announced on August 14, 2022.

*The top selected idea wins $500. Three runners-up win $250 each. Learn more here.