Top 10 NEWStat of 2022:  #10–6

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What was on our minds in 2022? Topics that most interested NEWStat readers in the past year included treating cat pain, research on aging in dogs, mental health resources, and the question of whether vet professionals are genetically wired to work with animals. 



#10 New diagnostic test could replace fecals (or at least reduce how much sample you need to collect)  

“Parasites have changed dramatically over the last decade,” said Christian Leutenegger, DVM,  PhD, FVH: A new PCR diagnostic test makes them easier to find—and treat.   




#9: FDA approves first topical opioid for postoperative pain cats 

The agency recently approved Elanco's Zorbium, first transdermal buprenorphine animal drug intended to control postoperative pain in cats. 





#8: A free, mental-health resource for veterinary staff  

Sometimes all you need is a sympathetic ear, leant by someone who knows exactly what you’re going through. 




#7: Are you genetically programmed to work with animals?  

If you’re a veterinary professional, empathy for animals could be hardwired into your DNA. 



#6: The Dog Aging Project checks in 

Dogs share the human environment and have a sophisticated health care system, which means they offer a unique opportunity to identify the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors associated with a healthy lifespan in both species. 


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