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Explaining the role of nutrition in dental health

The phrase “food be thy medicine” can apply to preventive dental healthcare. Commercial diets specifically designed to retard the accumulation of plaque and calculus are especially helpful if the owner is unable or unwilling to brush a pet’s teeth. 


Not only is oral health a fundamental aspect of overall pet health and wellbeing, but veterinary dentistry is now considered a standard component of companion animal medicine. 

Dental Guidelines Overview

The concept that a pet is suffering from oral pain, infection, and inflammation that may not be apparent but is affecting their quality of life is a reality that may not always be fully appreciated by the veterinary profession and often not understood by the pet owning public.


In select cases in which teeth cleaning, polishing, and extractions are not anticipated, heavy sedation may be appropriate and sufficient to collect limited baseline information. This page lists the considerations when considering sedation or general anesthesia in veterinary dentistry.

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