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Surviving and Thriving: Ways to Boost Your Team’s Morale During Tumultuous Times

The inherent challenges of the veterinary profession have been compounded in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest. This article interviews veterinary professionals and wellness consultants about ways to boost morale in animal hospitals, nurture wellbeing for both leadership and support staff, and promote an inclusive culture.

Notebook: March 2021

News briefs from across the industry and beyond. This month’s articles include: Canine study on joint disease; Texas veterinarian wins court case; WSU begins study examining human cancer treatment in dogs; AAVMC presents five awards, scholarship; Neogen rolls out DNA screening tool; veterinarians invited to administer COVID vaccinations; blood test streamlines canine cancer detection; shelter cats help children on autism spectrum; Alison McIntyre named director of VVCA; ending pet obesity drives academic, corporate collaboration; vet volunteers unlock history.

Notebook: April 2021

News briefs from across the industry and beyond. This month’s articles include: CAPC issues appointment guidelines, Cryptosporidium study on gut cells, first-ever stem cell treatment on a nonhuman primate a success, Jesse Brandon named president of LVMA, Fort Drum drive-through clinics, NAIC developing pet insurance model law, mummified Yukon wolf pup, survey on barriers to veterinary care, and rapid language learning in dogs.

Sticker Shock: The Cost of Building During Uncertain Times

In the maelstrom that has been the pandemic, many veterinary practices have been bursting at the seams with business. But did they dare expand during such an unsettled time? Practice owners and building professionals offered their thoughts about construction in a time of uncertainty.

Coping with Board Complaints

During the pandemic, clients are increasingly filing complaints with state veterinary boards against veterinarians. This article explores ways to protect both your license and your mental health, including documentation, veterinary license defense, and wellness resources.

Notebook: November 2021

News briefs from across the industry and beyond. This month’s articles include: Packaged Facts report; AVMA hookworm update; How a dog with a giant tongue was saved by a veterinary surgeon; NutriSense poll; Raw dog food dangers; Kansas State $3.7 million grant; Is my dog right- or left-pawed; FDA issues warning letter; Cats prefer to free feed

The Growing Role of Teletriage

Teletriage is a process in telehealth, where the severity of a patient's condition is determined via phone call, video meeting, or even text chat. Using teletriage methods can help improve care and ease the burden on your staff and practice. 

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