Pet health: Resources

  • Vaccination resources

    Engage clients with this fun vaccination poster! Clients can identify which canine persona matches their dog's lifestyle, then start the conversation on their unique vaccination protocol. 
  • Heartworm resources

    Sometimes even the tiniest things can create huge problems. Despite increased awareness, the number of dogs testing positive for heartworm infections in the US has been growing—and forecasts show those numbers will only continue to rise. 
  • Infection prevention and biosecurity

    Infection prevention and biosecurity

    Infection prevention and biosecurity are an essential part of patient care and should play an important role in the daily practice of veterinary medicine.  This booklet will empower your practice’s infection prevention team to review and improve current protocols on a regular basis. 
  • Mobility Matters cover


    Mobility is key to a healthy quality of life for pets. Understanding the causes of joint disease and the benefits of early detection can help keep pets feeling younger longer—and give owners more quality years with their pets living comfortably by their sides.
  • Virtual care

    Virtual care and telehealth

    Virtual care is one of the greatest opportunities—and challenges—facing medicine in this digital age. Using telemedicine in the delivery of veterinary medical services offers benefits for clients, patients, and the profession. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) are committed to the adoption of virtual care in the veterinary profession and to ensuring access to the convenience and benefits afforded by telemedicine while promoting the responsible provision of high-quality veterinary medical care.
  • preventive care strategies and success

    Preventive care

    At the heart of preventive care is a focus on doing all we can to ensure quality of life and longevity for our patients. These publications from AAHA, developed with the support of educational grants from IDEXX, will show you how to make preventive care a vital part of the services you offer.
  • What should I know about my puppy?

    So, you just used the AAHA Canine Life Stage Calculator to determine that your dog is in the puppy stage of life. Congrats! Knowing your dog’s life stage helps you provide a lifetime of optimal care for your pooch.