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August 18, 2023

Selling the drama

Workplace gossip is toxic for employee morale (and it is not great for business either). Practice owner Jenn Galvin dishes on why the whole team deserves better than a culture of bad-mouthing and rumor-spreading. 

April 20, 2023

Stress First Aid for veterinary professionals

Stress First Aid was originally developed for the US Navy and Marine Corps as a way to monitor and manage stress , both individually and on teams. Now it’s being adapted for veterinary practices .

October 20, 2023

Stress First Aid: Self-Care and Co-worker Support Actions

Stress First Aid is meant as a common language and a flexible framework of action steps that can be integrated into your practice’s daily operations . Explore how you can use the 7 Cs of SFA to support yourself and co-workers in veterinary practice.

October 20, 2023

Stress First Aid: 4 types of stress injuries

Stress First Aid identifies four types of stress injuries, including trauma, loss, inner conflict, and wear & tear. These have been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly impacting the mental and emotional wellbeing of those in the veterinary field.  

October 26, 2023

Veterinary Hope Foundation: Healing crisis through community

Searching for a community who really gets you? Veterinary Hope Foundation offers online support groups customized to your type of practice and job role, where you can lean on others just like you—without the judgment or the stigma.

February 06, 2024

Great minds think alike? Think again!

Temple Grandin, PhD, MS, shares how neurodiverse minds think differently from others—and why that’s a good thing for your team, your patients, and your practice. 

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